Our Mission

To promote and bring about amicable change, emphasize togetherness and co- operation amongst individuals in order to bring about a positive transformation of the community and as a result reducing ignorance, poverty levels, conflicts and corruption within the society, as well as introducing a healthy and manageable society within a state, and ensuring sustainable environmental management.


  1. To lobby and advocate for funds through contributions, donations, and generation of funds to help facilitate the building of community projects or running community programs that foster development in our community.
  2. To promote gender responsiveness in all aspects of development for example women's, children's, and menís equal responsibility in community development participation.
  3. To promote and increase awareness about ignorance, illiteracy, community conflicts, corruption, poverty by trying to avert them through sensitization workshops, cultural festivals and community meetings.
  4. To promote sustainable agriculture among the peasant communities so as to attain food security.
  5. To promote sustainable environmental checks and management within the community.
  6. To promote national and international campaigns and programs about issues of major concern such as HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria, Food Security, Peace among others.
Sustainable Opportunities for the Marginalized and Vulnerable